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click If you have mobile workforce, geofencing will improve efficiency, safety, and security. Its virtual boundaries on a map can be used for automatically monitoring and recording entry and exits to the area within the fence. Applications include:


writing custom shellcode - Timesheet verification tracking workers’ vehicles by GPS and/or GPRs with automatic alerts triggered when the vehicle arrives and departs from a job site, creating a useful log of time spent on the job source - Tracking arrival and departure, thus creating a record of when staff is on site see - Control traffic where certain areas are restricted from vehicles or have enforced speed limits school leadership essay - Asset security where alerts are triggered when vehicles move outside a specific area requiring additional security. Thieves may be able to break through a physical fence but they won’t be aware of having triggered a silent alarm the moment the vehicle leaves its virtual geofence http://csr-in-action.org/bekeme/?art=remembrance-day-homework-help&tm=72 - Stolen equipment recovery: if a piece of equipment is moved outside of its geofence the company can trigger this action as a theft alert (common with construction companies that leave heavy equipment on-site). Triggered theft alerts promote quick recovery of stolen equipment. 

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